Customer Analysis

Know better your customers behavior

Understand your customer behavior is the key factor to survive in today's fast changing market. Aprisales helps you to see wich product customers buy in combination, how often they came back and who they are.

Operations Analysis

Keep track of your store operation

Monitor the performance of your store through KPIs like total revenue, average purchase value, average number of units per transaction and more.

Merchandise Analysis (COMING SOON)

Track the performance of each product

Identify bestsellers or poor performance products. Compare the merchandise effectiveness of products and categories.

Inventory Analysis (COMING SOON)

Manage your inventory in a better way

Monitor your stock changes, identify fast-selling products, frozen items and those who are not selling so fast or so well.

Sales Forecast (COMING SOON)

Know up front the performance of your sales

How customer behavior changes, weather and time could affect your revenue? Aprisales helps you to identify future dangers and opportunities.

Benefits for your business

  • Strategically plan marketing campaigns
  • Perform customer segmentation
  • Maximize customer acquisition and retention
  • Analyze sales and traffic trends
  • Optimize staff scheduling
  • Adjust marketing promotions
  • Increase your AVP and UPT
  • Optimize your product assortment and pricing
  • Plan efficiently your discounts and promotions
  • Manage better your stock orders
  • Have a better plan for your future sales

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